three6five Management Team

Position: CEO 
Location: Johannesburg

Tyrone joined three6five  in early 2010. He is also one of the technical pioneers in the SA Internet and telecoms scene – he started his professional career at Telkom on the core infrastructure team (working on what was then the world’s largest OSPF implementation) before moving to Solutions in 2000 to help implement one of Africa’s first MPLS networks.

Position: COO

Whilst studying at Wits Technikon in 1998, George worked part-time for ICON, the dial-up division of up and coming ISP, The Internet Solution (now IS). Spotting a real talent, IS offered him a permanent position within the network infrastructure team as a junior engineer before he even graduated.

Position: Systems and Services Director
Location: Johannesburg

A network is only as good as what you can do with it, and Richard is the go-to guy for bringing together the data pipe and the software that makes it a useful business tool. Even as a kid he was writing software – coding in BASIC on a Commodore 64 or ZX81, eventually became a wizard in advanced php scripting and MySQL databases on enterprise-class super-servers.

Position: CCSO
Location: Johannesburg

Mark Baptiste – An Experienced General Manager and Chairman of the Board for Cisco Technology and Services, a local Black Empowered Cisco Services company, is an experienced IT professional who has spent the last 25 years focussed on developing and growing the International ICT market.

Position: Regional Director
Location: KwaZulu-Natal

Alwyn's love of the world wide web started with him visiting as many parts as he could in person. Cured of the travel bug he settled back in South Africa deploying SAP systems for Anglo Platinum and was ultimately given the task of running the Anglo Platinum network.

Position: Regional Director 
Location: Cape Town

Nick Joined three6five in 2012 to strengthen the routing and switching team with his considerable experience in both Service provider and Enterprise networks. We had to get him back from Bermuda where he had just finished Rolling out a Metro fibre and WiMax network for the ISP he was principal engineer at.

About Us

three6five is a team of IP Networking experts with a wealth of experience to provide any enterprise or Internet Service Provider (ISP) the assistance they require to build, improve and manage their IP networks.

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