T6F-Infoblox Event

T6F-Infoblox Craft Beer & Food Pairing Event - 2015

29 July 2015. T6F held a Craft Beer & Food Pairing event, in conjunction with Infoblox and Agar's Brewery at Beerhouse in Fourways with some of our customers.

It was a very unique and interesting experience with many people not having tasted certain food as it was quite 'chefy' and out of the norm - as well as understanding how and why certain ingredients work with certain beers.

Thank you to the owner Murray and Chef Roy at Beerhouse for accommodating us as well as Michael from Agar's Brewery for teaching us a lot about Craft Beer - you guys are a match made in Heaven!

Most importantly, thank you to Infoblox for their funds and to Binesh George for giving a well prepared presentation on Securing and Monitoring DNS Infrastructure.

We feel that this is a great concept and would like to do more of these in the future.