three6five adds NFV offering to its network services solutions

 Specialist IP systems integrator, value added reseller and network centric cloud provider, three6five has launched it’s CloudNet platform.

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CloudNet will facilitate the re-launch and improvement of the existing Network Services offering while introducing a High performance Network Function Virtualization (NFV) platform offering a suite of evolving NFV services.

These re-launched Network Services complement and enhance the performance, versatility, stability and services of an IP network, and are available as on-site or cloud-based solutions. These include AAA, Tacacs, Availability Monitoring, Configuration Management, Performance Management and DNS services.

“Since its inception, we have seen a substantial uptake in our Network Services offerings, something that’s in line with the global trend of moving services to the cloud,” says Tyrone Carroll, CEO of three6five. “Of late, we’ve also received numerous requests for cloud-based networking services. To meet this demand, we have embarked on a program to provide a number of Virtual Network Function (VNF) services over the next couple of months, starting with Deep Packet Inspection (DPI). These new VNF’s, along with the existing Network Services offerings, will fall under the banner of T6F CloudNet Services.”

Introducing DPI as our first Virtual Network Function (VNF) on the three6five CloudNet offering will provide Enterprise customers as well as Services Provider the peace of mind that their deployments are secure.

“three6five’s NFV: DPI solutions provide business intelligence via protocol recognition, coupled with historic reporting and Bandwidth Management via easily configured enforcement-policies,” says Christo Kleu, head of customer advocacy group charged with CloudNet development at three6five.

 “Our NFV-based solutions are powered by OpenStack, which delivers the required agility, reliability and scalability expected from a cloud platform, whilst our DPI solution consists of the industry leading Sandvine product built on OpenStack, the emerging default for scalable cloud-based infrastructures.

In addition, every business has network and server infrastructure that needs to be tested regularly against the latest security threats.

From its secure installation in the Cloud, T6F CloudNet Vulnerability Assessment conducts tests, either directly to public Internet-facing servers, or on internal networks via a three6five Onsite Services Engine (OSE).

Results are made available via three6five’s Mission Control portal.

“The existing three6five - Network Services have been in existence for several years now, but with the major shift to cloud in the industry, three6five has seen the need to broaden this suite of services while introducing NFV services to suit existing as well as new potential customers, therefore three6five will be launching a bouquet of VNF’s to the market in the months to come,” adds Carroll.